Ez Synthetic Grass Perth

Installing Artificial Grass
Not that long ago, every home-owner wanted a perfect lawn, made of real grass. They would never have considered artificial grass for the slightest moment. However, times have changed and today's artificial grass is completely different from what you imagined a few years back.
Not only is it very hard to tell from the real thing, but it also meets the needs of those people environmentally-minded. So there is no need to waste water in keeping this new lawn lush and you don't need to run powered mowers over it either! What is there not to like?

If you are thinking about getting artificial Grass in Perth, there are a few things you may want to consider.

Laying Artificial Grass 
Your first step is to approach a number of suppliers and get quotes. They will be able to offer you a range of turfs, some of which you may not have considered before, so take a good look at what they offer and their relative benefits. See what each looks like and don't forget to tell the suppliers what you will be using the lawn for. They will be able to suggest a range of appropriate styles as well as colours, piles and cuts.
Don't forget, many of the suppliers will also be able to offer installation services for your artificial grass in Perth. So get separate quotes for that work too. If you are also considering the DIY approach, then by looking at the supply-only cost, and adding the cost of equipment and supplies for doing it yourself, you'll be able to compare installed costs with DIY costs.
If going the DIY route, you must factor in digging costs too though. If you don't get an appropriate digger, be prepared for a lot of very hard manual labour with shovel and wheelbarrow.
Artificial Grass DIY Installation
Whilst artificial grass may look as though it's made for DIY, there is more to it than that, so let's go through a simple process guide:
The grass is not laid straight onto existing ground levels, you need to dig down approx. 80 - 90mm below any adjacent surface.Next you need to put down a layer of crushed rock around 50mm thick. Usually your turf supplier can supply this or at least recommend where to obtain it.The last layer is the artificial grass itself which is placed directly over the crushed rock layer. Don't forget to use any accessories required to join the lengths of grass together. Again, your grass supplier will be able to help with this.The grass edges will often lift slightly, so use "deck spikes" around the edges to keep them down.Your supplier will also provide dry sand to a special formula. You need to spread this over the grass. This will help support the individual blades of grass.Lastly, to also help support the grass, but also give it a feeling of "springiness", brush granulated rubber into the grass.
With flat, relatively small uncomplicated areas to be installed with artificial grass, and with the aid of an appropriate digger, you may get this done yourself in a week-end. However, larger, sloping and/or complicated areas to deal with, it may be better to consider getting the supplier to do it for you.
Either way, once installed correctly, your artificial grass will look great and last for years, making it a very worthwhile investment.